• Dam tot Dam event sadly cancelled this year

Dam tot Dam event sadly cancelled this year

– Coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works, and sports organisation Le Champion has had to make a difficult decision –

The board of the sports organisation Le Champion has had to make a tough decision to cancel the Dam tot Dam event which was to be held on 19 and 20 September 2020. The decision follows on from consultations with mayor Jan Hamming, in his capacity as chairman of the Safety Region, the alderman for Sport in the municipality of Zaanstad, and representatives from the safety services concerned. The municipality of Amsterdam is also involved and supports the decision. Important considerations for the decision include the health of the participants and spectators, the pressure on the medical/emergency services, and the government’s measures with regard to major events.

“We are encouraging people to contribute towards a healthy society. The health of participants, spectators, volunteersand employees is always our top priority. In the past few weeks, we have carefully examined how we could develop a creative solution with fewer participants which would also be safe and responsible. This, however, turned out to be unrealistic. All of those involved are disappointed by the decision we’ve had to make. Collective discussions have confirmed the mutual trust and genuine partnership which we have developed over the past 36 years.” says Ron van der Jagt, general director of Le Champion.

Alderman for Sport, Gerard Slegers: “Across the Netherlands, many people watch the Dam tot Dam weekend each year. The sporting challenge, the atmosphere and the welcome. Unfortunately, Le Champion has had to cancel the event due to the corona crisis. A brave but logical result. Safety and health must take priority over everything else! We hope that all runners will come back to our beautiful Zaanstad next year.”

Le Champion understands better than most that this will be a huge disappointment for the sportspeople involved who were hoping to take part in the Dam tot Dam event. Many of the registered participants are members of Le Champion or part of a group or company. They can now cancel their registration and request a refund of the registration fee. We are looking at other compensation for the remaining participants. All of the participants will be notified individually.

Historic decision
Normally, the Dam tot Dam Weekend, with 83,000 participants, is the largest sports weekend in the Netherlands. During the third weekend in September, four events are planned: the Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht, Damloop by night, Dam to Dam FietsClassic and Dam tot Damloop. This is the first time the event has had to be cancelled. The main event, the Dam tot Damloop race from Amsterdam to Zaandam, has been held since 1985. Since then, the Dam tot Damloop has expanded to include 46,000 participants, making it the world’s largest 10 English Mile event. Over the course of the years, events for walkers and cyclists have been added to the programme, the most recent of which was the Damloop by night, which was added in 2014.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the Netherlands, Le Champion has had to cancel twenty events. Director Ron van der Jagt: “The fact that we have had to add the Dam tot Dam event to this list of cancellations is, of course, a genuine disappointment. We want nothing more than to inspire people, both young and old, to take part in sport and exercise. But that’s on hold for the time being. We are now investigating whether we could offer (virtual) alternatives. We are also hopeful of a future without the corona crisis. One thing has been clear in the Netherlands recently; people want to go outdoors, they want to exercise and go out on their bikes, run or go walking.”

You can find out more about the consequences of the cancellation of the Pink Ribbon Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht for you, as a participant, in the Q&A below. If your question is not listed, please contact us using this link.

Q&A Pink Ribbon Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht

Q: Will I, as an individual participant, have my registration fees refunded?
A. This decision has had a huge impact on us as an organisation. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience with respect to how we are dealing with the situation. Once we have more information about compensation, we will contact you individually.

Q: Will I, as a member of Le Champion, have my registration fees refunded?
A. Members of Le Champion may cancel their registrations and any extras until 11 August. We will provide you with further information individually.

Q: Can I get my registration fee back as a group?
Groups (a group is a company, institution, association, charity or group of friends) who have registered for the Pink Ribbon Dam tot Dam Wandeltocht through the group registration can cancel their registration until August 11, 2020. We will personally inform you about this.

You are entitled to a 100% refund until July 6. If canceled from July 6 to August 11, 2020, 50% of the cost of canceled participants and additional orders will be charged. After August 11, 2020, there will be no refund of both the registration fee and any additional orders.